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17December 15

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Product Research and Development

Research plays a leading role in our operations. In order to survive the current environment of rapid globalization, dramatic market changes and borderless competition, it goes without saying that a company must have an R&D framework that will allow speedy managerial decision-making based on close collaboration between the sales division and the R&D division.
Our R&D framework has leaded by professional Ph.d, Cooperated with industry association, research institutes, and some third party laboratory. The company puts plenty of financial support on R& D every year which will guarantee its ability of 4-5 new products' development such as Huperzine A, Devil's Claw Extract, Resveratrol, e.g. Now we are under developing of the conessine, Aloe-emodin;
As a natural ingredient supplier which mainly extract the active substances from the kinds of plant for human health and there is rich resource, but in our R&D activities we aim to create an advanced lineup of specialty products for specific markets that the customer need.